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  1. Hi Tammy, we are looking forward to seeing you guys next week in Derbyshire.
    I’ve been looking at your site on my iPhone and it is throwing up your settings within the body of the text. You may want to check the type settings.

    Safe travels

    • Hi Andy . . . we’re very excited to see you on Sunday too! Thanks for the info regarding how the site is behaving on your iPhone. We’ll be working on the responsiveness. Cheers and hello to Alison and the boys. Tammy

  2. We loved reading your lessons learned! Inspired to write an article about everything we’ve learned in the 5 months since we’ve been home from our 11-month adventure. (Going paperless doesn’t really mean paperless, for example! We still sort through too much mail every week.) Love you guys, can’t wait to see more of your work.

    • Hi Gretchen, Thanks for your support! I’d love to hear more about your lessons learned upon reentry. My memory is that the adjustment goes on longer than you expect. Thinking about you guys. Love to R and the kids xo Tammy

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