Discover how to cook in your camper kitchen with a minimum of supplies and still create fantastic meals.  Find out about shopping in local markets, unique foods and drinks to try, and how to stay healthy eating in Lands Remote!


Travelling heavy to Europe

Learn new packing tips including how to outfit your motorhome, what technology helps us be location independent, where to find decent bedding, and where to find necessities in Lands Remote!



Learn how to handle your camper’s waste water, navigate gas stations, identify the best bank cards, and navigate the stressful realm of car repair in Lands Remote.

Facilities & Programs


Find out about the quality of camping facilities, the programs that offer discounts and information to make your journey smooth, and the discoveries found camping Lands Remote.


Entering France from Germany

Learn about how to register and insure your European vehicle. Find information about the VAT (tax) and the ins and outs of visas for a variety of Lands Remote.

Vehicle & Driving


Find out more about what to consider regarding the type of vehicle, whether to ship, buy, rent, or lease, what size, and more.  Discover what we’ve learned while driving Lands Remote.