We're frequently asked about . . .

Why do you need outdoor living space?

We live in a 6X3M or 18X6’ space year round.  With our awning extended, a woven plastic rug, two simple folding chairs, a folding table, wee barbecue, and good weather our living space doubles.  Eating, working, and relaxing while outside enjoying the weather and/or view is a great reason to want to camp. 

Did you bring that equipment with you to Europe?

Definitely not.  We purchased outdoor furniture from a Mr. Bricolage (like Home Depot) and the outdoor rug at the campground in Agadir, Morocco.  Our friends the Fitts’ gifted us with a folding barbecue we have used extensively.   We’re looking to upgrade our folding chairs to something a bit more comfortable – maybe something that lounges?!