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How did you make the decision to buy a motorhome rather than rent or backpack and take public transport?

The first step in our decision was financial: how long would our savings last with three of us flying, taking the train, bussing, etc. staying in hostels or apartments and eating out a fair amount?  The answer was not long.  We looked into renting/leasing/buying a car for our transportation but again found the lodging and cost of food to be prohibitive.  We shifted to looking at motorhomes for our travels when we realized we’d cover our transportation, lodging, and eating needs all in one go with an option to sell when we’re finished.  If we were traveling solo or for less time, traveling by motorhome would still give us the freedom we seek, but it wouldn’t be as financially sensible.

Why should I buy rather than rent?

Follow the numbers: if you are traveling for a month, it is probably that renting a motorhome will be cheaper and less stress.  When you get into traveling for several months or more, it may make far more financial sense to buy and then either participate in a dealers buy-back program or consign to sell.

How would you recommend others interested in traveling lands remote procure a their motorhome?

We’d recommend networking with other travelers at the open Facebook group at Lands Remote.  Additionally, for details on how to do this, we plied Donna Turner of Dutch Camper Vans, Wolf at Reimo in Germany, and Rene at BW Campers in the Netherlands with questions about procuring motorhomes.