We're frequently asked about:

What kinds of recreational equipment do you have with you?

We bought geared bicycles in the Netherlands at the beginning of our European leg.  Extra camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bags and camp mattresses have yet to be used, but we have them available should we need them.  As hikers we like our day packs and water bottles as necessary gear as well as a small first aid kit. We brought a travel games bag as well with dice, 2 sets of playing cards, Yahtzee scorecards, a travel pack of travel question cards, a group dice game, and Set cards.  We also bought folding beach chairs while enjoying the Moroccan coastline.

What would you recommend for other adventurers interested in traveling lands remote by motorhome?

We would use a kayak if we prioritized having one.  From rivers to lakes to calm seas, there have been many occasions we would have used a kayak.  We witnessed several European campers towing trailers with 4 wheelers and/or motorbikes, especially in Albania and Morocco where there are numerous places to off road.  If we were better winterized in Charlie we’d be hauling ski gear and accessing European slopes.  Europe is full of places ready for adventure!