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  1. Now that I’m back home from our awesome trip exploring Morocco together, I finally figured out how to ‘subscribe’ to this blog. Now to arrange for my first smart phone. I’m slowly working my way into the 21st century.
    Take care of yourselves, keep Charlie happy and healthy and keep the navigating i-pad charged! I’m thinking of you often and wondering what new adventures you are having. Love, Mom

  2. hi looooooong distance travellers!
    What a pleasure to have met you three Susan, Tammy and Aaron at Mahomed’s spice and medicinals shop in Essaouira. As passionate travellers although at a smaller scale we have subscribed to your blog and look forward to more exciting reports which no doubt will inspire us for our next moves around the world. We regret that our encounter was so short. We wish all the very best in the pursue of your dreams.

    • Hello Nelly and Jose,

      The pleasure was all ours! We would love to bump into you again and renew/extend our visit! We’re in Croatia at the moment and headed to Greece to meet up with family. Hope you are well and you continue to pursue your dreams. :)

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    • Hi Liesbeth (and Wieber),

      It was a pleasure to meet (and follow) you on our way to Morocco. Thanks so much for the coordinates – I’m sure we’ll bump into you again!

      Tammy and Aaron and Mali

  4. Tammy, Aaron and Mali, what a great adventure! Enjoy the year off and the travels. Will be following you from Colombia.

  5. Leota is going really good, a lot easier than i expected, Great math teacher!

    Auzi is doing really great!!, He enjoys laying on the vent with cold air and now warm air and he loves going under the bed and laying on his side.
    Do you check Facebook? Because then my mom could sent you a picture and or video of him.


  6. Hi Tammy!!!!!!!! It’s Brooke, i am so glad you are doing well on your journey!!! can’t wait to hear more about it!!

    • Hi Brooke,

      Thanks for the post! Keep checking in, we have lots more coming! How has the beginning of the school year gone for you? How is our sweet bunny boy doing? xoxo Tammy

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